Friday, August 17, 2012

Commercial Construction

Our approach to commercial construction is based on five key principles: Efficient design, Cost effective construction practices, Uncompromising quality no matter what the budget, Timely delivery of the project, and most of all, Integrity.  We believe that by implementing these principles, we not only build something our clients can be proud of but we also build a relationship that keeps our clients coming back for all their construction projects.  Whether it’s new construction, additions, remodeling or build-outs, SRD Construction & Development Corp has the team of professionals to meet your every need.

Integrity is the Key

The key we are referring to is the keystone.  The keystone is the last stone to be installed in an arch.  Without the keystone, the arch will crumble and fall.  The same is true with a company that does not have integrity as their core principle or keystone.  Integrity is not just something we talk about, it is literally part of the fabric that makes up our company.

Efficient design

We work with architects and design professionals to develop a plan that will provide our clients with the most efficient design for their intended use.  It is our goal to not over-engineer or create a design that will cause our clients to spend money that could better be spent on building their business.  We always strive to put ourselves in our clients’ shoes and work hard to better understand their core needs for their new space. SRD Construction has a proven track record of careful financial stewardship.

Cost effective construction practices

After many years in the construction business, we have never met a client who has said “money is no object”.  It goes without saying that our clients want to get the most for their money but at the same time not compromise quality.   We are in tune with our clients’ budgetary concerns and we are always striving to make their dollars go as far as possible. Again, careful financial stewardship.

Uncompromising quality no matter what the budget

Quality is what we will achieve; there is no excuse for anything else.  As with anything in life, sometimes there are mistakes. However, what sets us apart is our uncompromising principle of ‘no excuses, just make it right’.  Our team is fully aware that quality construction practices will always be one of our core principles.

Timely delivery of the project

Everyone knows the old adage, Time is Money.  We make it a priority to set a schedule that meets our clients’ objectives and allows us to perform our work to the high standards that we demand.   It has been our experience that communicating effectively with our clients during the construction process helps the construction schedule flow without disruption and allows us to efficiently adapt to circumstances that could potentially delay the project.

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