Custom Homes

Friday, August 17, 2012

As a seasoned general contractor, we learned years ago how important it is to be responsive and attentive to our clients thoughts and dreams.  We have developed a diverse team of professionals from designers to master craftsman to bring your thoughts and dreams into reality.  We are committed to the idea that building your home should be a fun and exciting process.  We dedicate ourselves, not to just an extraordinary final product, but to a season of happy memories. This dedication is part of who we are and it shows in our customer satisfaction ratings and in the frequency of our repeat business.

Core principles

Truth and integrity are two sides of the same coin. These values are foundational to the operation of our business and will not be compromised.  If you have similar core values and are interested in partnering with SRD Construction & Development Corp for the construction of your new home, we would love the opportunity to work with you.


Since 1995, SRD Construction & Development Corp has built a team that excels in constructing custom homes that combine style, luxury, and comfort.  From project planning, execution, completion to delivery, SRD Construction & Development Corp has the years of experience to walk you through the ins and outs of your custom home project.

Time proven construction practices

We use the latest technology together with our time-proven construction methods to confidently stand behind our work and guarantee a level of excellence that will not be surpassed.  Excellence is not only about doing extraordinary things, but doing the most ordinary things extraordinarily well and at SRD Construction & Development Corp, it’s a never-ending process and it’s how we do it; extraordinarily well.  This company value has produced lifetime bonds for us with many clients, architects, and designers.

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